Omgosh. I’mma Blogger!


I’m Becky & new to the blogging world. Thank you for visiting my site! I never thought I’d set up a blog. The last year has been an intense roller coaster for me and to put it all out there is something that will be equally hard and satisfying for me. I’m all about overcoming obstacles and trying to stay positive through even the roughest of times. Also, sarcasm. I’m very much about that as well. And dinosaurs. That too. I may be getting off track here…

I’ve been putting alot of pressure on myself to make the first blog post an amazing one. One that will go down in blog history as a piece of mother blogging genius. This has been hard to do considering I keep taking breaks to continue on with my Big Brother 8 marathon. (Eh, Jen. I dislike her. She wears shirts that say “Member of JENsa”. She’s good with the words, that one is.) So I’ve decided that there is simply no need to make this a blog of epic-ness. I’m not going to talk about my entire life and I have no other websites I need to plug. Apart from the one, which I will be plugging at the end of this post.

This is more about the last year. Things that have happened. Things that I find funny. Things that I want to share with my family and friends whom I don’t get the chance see everyday. And hey, if Jensen Ackles just so HAPPENS to come across this by some sort of miracle & begins to fall in love with me… Well, I’ll have to pass because I already have a wonderful boyfriend. (I still heart you Jensen. I just heart Mike more.)

Yay! All of that awkward first impression stuff is now out of the way. (I do make a good one though, right? RIGHT? Right.)

Ok, time for the plug to my other website! My boyfriend and I have a webcomic. That’s right, a webcomic. Stop laughing. Actually, we want you to be laughing.
It’s called Stick Dinosaurs and it’s about just that. Please check it out and show support.

Stick Dinosaurs

Thank you & I promise to make my blog a fun, honest and insightful one.

Peace, love & sarcasm,


7 thoughts on “Omgosh. I’mma Blogger!

  1. You’re a good bloggerer. I think this ‘Mike’ boyfriend of yours sounds both smart and sexy. He should add a link to your blarg on the stick dinosaurs website.

  2. Congratulations! There is no doubt that you are a literary genius! I just finished your first blog, I laughed, I wept, and the suspense… will she dump Michael the dinosaur hunter for Jensen?…. oh the range of emotion!
    Definitely an opus (with out the musicky bits)
    I will definitely recommend you, blogger whom I have never met, to all my friends!!!!

  3. I know where the paece & love came from but the sarcasm- not so much. (and to think there was a day you rarely spoke – great work blogger girl!)

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