March 18, 2012 – Continued. (My thank you’s.)

I wanted to make a separate post dedicated to all of those who have helped Mike and I during our recovery period since the accident back in March.
I was originally only visiting from Calgary when the accident occurred. I was meant to just stay a few days and ended up moving to Edmonton due to my injuries. I had always wanted to move back to the Edmonton area, the accident just pushed it ahead a little.

I want to thank Mikes wonderful family for being there for me while I was in the hospital and everyday after. I want to thank my amazing family as well for all of their thoughts and prayers for Mike and myself, and for being there for us as well. Thank you to all of my lovely friends who have always been a constant support system to me, before and after the accident. Thank you to Mike and his awesome twin brother who welcomed me into their home and had no trouble moving me in, which means more than they know.

Finally, thank you to Mike. He came to the hospital and stayed with me every day I was there, 12 hours a day until they kicked him out. (Pfft, visiting hours are lame. All of the hours should be visiting ones. For me anyways.)

Mike has always been there for me and I love him. Much.

Peace, love & sarcasm,


(And now, for some individual thank you’s!)

Brad & Jayne – Thank you for writing into the paper and showing them who was boss! And thank you for visiting me all of those times & for driving us around when we needed it.

Momsie, Dadsie & the rest of my family – Thank you for your thoughts & prayers for both Mike & I. I know how badly you wanted to rush down the moment you heard about what happened, and I thank you for not doing that. You didn’t need to see me in a hospital bed all smashed up. Think of what that would do to my rep within the family? I’m the smart, pretty, adorable, all things lovely daughter. We can’t be ruining my image 😉

Meghan – Thank you for visiting me in the hospital & bringing me an ice cream slurpee! After an all liquid diet for a few days, it was a much needed treat. Also, thank you for staying with me when I needed all of my x-rays & whatnot not. It meant alot.

Amanda – Thank you for visiting me & bringing me that lovely 7-up candy bouquet. I adored it. And also for staying with me one of the days I was there & letting me know that if there was anything I needed, you’d be there.

Jeff & Elyse – Thank you both for visiting me! Jeff, you came almost every day I was there & made me laugh each time. Not sure if you know this but after you left one of the times, the nurse came in & told me that you made sure to let all of the staff know that they better be taking good care of me & also that I was way too warm. So she came in & took my temperature & sure enough, my fever had spiked yet again to 104.3! So thank you for that. Haha.

Elizabeth – Thank you for coming & bringing me photo albums of your family! It was great seeing Mike as a youngster. I was rather proud of myself for being able to tell him & Peter apart too.

Max – Thank you for coming to visit & making fun of Mike with me. You’re my most favorite person to do that with.

Peter – Thank you for getting me that mini dvd player & a full season of House to watch! Watching Hugh Laurie do his thing was just what I needed.

Mike – Thank you for staying with me everyday I was there. Thank you for changing the words on your watch. Thank you for laying with me in the hospital bed while I was hopped up on morphine. Thank you for being in the room while I had my chest tube put in. *”Like a mermaaaaiiid”* Thank you for bringing me whatever I needed. Thank you for txting me all night after visiting hours until I’d fall asleep. Thank you for making sure my family & friends knew how I was doing at all times. Thank you for telling me how beautiful & lovely I was even after being smashed up by a jerk semi. Thank you for everything.

(And to all others who had us in their thoughts, thank you.)


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