Rawrr! I’mma Veggiesaurus.

I’d totally wear this shirt.

Two years ago I turned into “one of those”. A vegetarian.

I did it because I wanted to see if I’d be able to & also of course for the animals. It totally changed my lifestyle and it changed it for the better. Making this change was actually very easy for me, due to the simple fact that I never did have a taste for flesh. Which leads me to think I’d be terrible during a zombie apocalypse. I’d be the only undead one running around moaning “Graaaains! Graaaains!”. Anyways, my point is that it wasn’t much of a jump for me to go from barely eating animal products to never eating them. I could actually live off of smoothies & decaf soy lattes. Mmmm, yummy.

There are some downfalls to being a veggiesaurus though. One being eating out with people. Take my boyfriend, for example. (You can’t really take him. He’s mine. Na-Na.) Mike is a major meatasaurus. It’s just like in one of our comics we made, a t-rex in love with a long-neckasaurus. We often play the game “where do YOU wanna eat?”. That being said, I know that he supports me 100% in all that I do, food preferences included. And although I very much appreciate people taking my dietary restrictions into consideration, I still get a little annoyed when people tell me that I don’t eat. I eat, people. (Not people, I don’t eat actual people. Remember my little zombie joke?) I kind of understand why people would think that though, which brings me to another downfall. The weight loss. This could be a major selling point to some people, but for me I was already almost 5’9 & 120lbs before I went vegetarian & especially since my car accident this past March, I’ve lost a little more weight. So when people find out my veggie/fruit loving ways & the fact that I’m a runner & aspiring yoga instructor, they quickly jump to conclusions. To be honest though, I feel & look good so I’m a very happy camper. A camper who has veggie dogs at the end of her stick šŸ™‚

Another downfall & misconception about alot of vegans/vegetarians is that we’re all meat snobs. Alot of people assume that we’re disgusted by our friends & family when they eat burgers & turkey dinners around us. The truth (for me anyways) is as long as you respect my choices, I’ll respect yours. Even if you don’t respect mine, well too bad because I’mma STILL be ok with yours. That’s just how I roll.

Mikes brother Max said it best once. “Becky, you’re not a preachy vegetarian. And I like that.” And he’s totally right.

Now let’s all go enjoy a carrot or two šŸ˜‰

Peace, love & sarcasm,



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