Time for: RANDOM FUNNIES! (Tobuscus edition.)

Do you like my sword, sword?
(One of Toby’s random Minecraft songs. Addicting & catchy.)

I enjoy the funnies. ALL the funnies.

One of my favorite funny Youtubers is Toby Turner (AKA- Tobuscus).

He does daily video blogs (Side note: I dislike using the word “vlog”. Not sure why. It sounds both dirty & messy for some reason to me.) & plays all kinds of video games as well, to which he provides the most hilarious commentary ever. Please check out his channel on Youtube. Especially his Happy Wheels videos. Omgosh, too funny.

Also, he sings. Damn fine singer, that one is. He sings really random & funny things, which is another reason he’s favorite.

Take care & enjoy the funnies!

Peace, love & sarcasm,


Toby Games




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