Cutsie Pet Photos

That’s right. It’s happening. My first (maybe only) blog about my lovely furry besties.

I have three of them. Well, two are mine and one belongs to my boyfriend. She’s become just as much mine now though, so I’m including her in this random pet post.

I’mma make this short, so allow me to introduce you to the two most opposite yet adorable kitties evah and my most favorite puppy in zee world!


Look at that face! Try saying no to that.

My blue eyed beauty.
(But don’t let her angelic appearance deceive you… She’s rather mischievous.)

Harley’s our fat little smooshy bear.

Bestest friends, those two are.
Cute & naughty little besties.

Meow. Bark. Yay pets.

Peace, love & sarcasm,






4 thoughts on “Cutsie Pet Photos

    • Haha. Yea, she’s a doll. The other two are back in Calgary living with my parents but Harley is here snuggling with me now! She always knows when I’m in need of a good cuddle.

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