Fast & Healthy Protein Bars


These protein bars are probably my favorite treat to have. They are fast, easy-peasy, healthy & oh so yummyful! (Yep, that’s a word.)

Being a vegetarian, it can sometimes be hard for me to get enough protein. But not with these tasty bad boys!

So this is my wonderful recipe. (You can make believe it’s your own though, I won’t tell.)
When dealing with protein bars (much like relationships) I like mine fun, healthy & sexay. You can adjust this recipe any way you’d like, this is just the way I like ’em!

Now g’head & impress your friends (or enemies) with these lovely little bites of mmmm!


Becky’s Super-Lovely/Fun ‘n’ Healthy Protein Bars

2 cups almond butter (or peanut butter)
1 3/4 cups raw honey
2 1/4 cups protein powder (chocolate tastes best with this one)
3 cups regular oatmeal
1 tbls cinnamon
1/2 cup almond slivers

9 x 3 inch pan

*Microwave almond (or peanut) butter & honey until smooth, stir.
*In another bowl, mix the rest of the dry ingredients.
*Add the almond (or peanut) butter & honey, mix with hands (It’s way easier that way! Plus, you get to get a little dirty. *wink*).
*Press the mixture into the pan & put in fridge for at least an hour

Makes anywhere between 10-20 bars, depending on how big you cut them.

Oh & before you say anything…

Peace, love & sarcasm,


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