I could sum up this entire post in those three words. But, how boring would that make me? Very boring, would be the answer to that.

I’ve been running and practicing yoga for a few years now and they are two great loves of mine. My future plans include (but are not limited to) becoming a yoga instructor. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for some time now, and I’ve been told I’d be pretty darn wonderful at it. (I also want to be a time traveling mad scientist. But that’s a completely different blog post altogether.)

Totally awesomesauce.
(Like I said though, different blog post.)

There are several types of yoga, but I prefer my yoga to be of the sweaty variety. I like to call it sexy yoga, but the correct term is hot. Hot yoga is an amazing workout for not only your body, but also your mind. It also detox’s you like nobody’s business! I usually go for the 90 minute classes, but any amount of time will help you clear your mind and work your core.  Also, you get to wear very little clothing! Which is always sexy. *wink* Can’t make it to a class? No worries! There are some great dvds and online videos you can do right at home. The benefit to that, is you can make your personal session “clothing optional”. I don’t recommend taking that policy to a regular class though, they tend to look at you funny. How would I know this, you ask? Don’t worry about it…

Running is also a very lovely habit of mine. Something about blasting my ipod (Not gonna lie, I have ALOT of classic rock on there. And some Eminem. Also Spice Girls. What? Like YOU don’t. Paaa-lease.) and running for miles outside has always given me a sense of calm and been apart of my daily routine. And in my opinion, it’s so much better than going to a gym and sharing all of the equipment with everyone. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about sharing and I do love a good elliptical workout, but when I’m out in the fresh air hitting the pavement, I feel like it’s just me with my thoughts and it motivates me that much more.

My love affair with the mat and pavement has changed me in alot of ways. Physically, I’ve noticed an amazing difference! I’ve always been a thin girl, but running and “yoga-ing” (Gasp! Did I just make up that word? I’mma trademark that shiz!) has also toned my body wonderfully. Mentally, it’s been a life saver on many levels. It’s helped balance me out and both activities genuinely make me happy. Which to me, is an important step up the healthy lifestyle staircase.

So to all of you yogi-runners out there,  namaste-at-it!  (I just made that up. Cute, hey? I know, right.)

Peace, love & sarcasm,


Pssst! Check out this article called “Yoga for Runners”. It’s lovely.

Yoga for Runners



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