Careless Whisper

Have you ever listened to the lyrics to George Michaels “Careless Whisper”? I was really listening to the song the other day and have had it stuck in my head for the last little while. I find myself singing it at random times. In the shower, while I’m out running, even as I’m writing this! I looked it up, and there are alot of covers to it as well. Seether’s is my fave. (Yep. Seether! I know, right?) The guitar at the beginning of it is truly haunting.

I got on the Google, and for the most part people seem to think that the song is about betrayal and repentance. When I hear the song, I hear a metaphor for a relationship. “Careless whisper” could be a betrayed confidence, gossip, lies, or some other form of a let down or bigger betrayal.

The most powerful point in the song (in my opinion) is:

“Tonight the music seems so loud
I wish that we could lose this crowd
Maybe it’s better this way
We’d hurt each other with the things we want to say”

The song got me thinking…

After any kind of betrayal,  how long does it take to get back on the dance floor?

Seether- Careless Whisper

Peace, love & sarcasm,



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