Shades of Grey

(Written by: Me!)

What once was black and white

Has now turned to shades of grey

The more you pull the fabric

The greater it will fray

You try to hide the sadness

That flows behind your eyes

You try to mask the hurt you feel

By being in disguise

You disguise yourself as feeling perfect

But perfect, you are not

You wish you weren’t so envious

But envy’s all you got

This emotion has been haunting you

It’s consumed your waking hours

Turning your heart inside out

Has become it’s greatest power

Your greatest fear was realized

The moment you found out

Your pain had turned to envy

And you knew what it was about

What you’re feeling

It sickens you

How can this all be fair?

Why have you let yourself be bothered?

When normally you wouldn’t care

They say that’s life and what’s done is done

It’s time to move ahead

You know yourself, you’ll get through this

It’s just hard to forget what was said

Your hope is that this strengthens you

And burns your hurt away

You pray the envy escapes you

And leads you to better days

Peace, love & sarcasm,





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