Happiest Birthday To My Momsie!

We all know it’s true.

Today is my Momsie’s birthday!

She’s quite the lovely lady. I know we all say that we have the best Mom evah, but I’m pretty sure mine is best. She’s tops. The bees knees. The cats pj’s. The… ok, I ran out of things, but she’s all of ’em!

She’s someone who would do anything for you. Always thinks of herself first and like all good Mommy’s do, worries worries worries! Well, have no fear Mommy. You raised us to be pretty awesome people. (If I do say so myself…) We’re witty, cute, smart, and sarcastic! What could be better than that? And I’M the most bestest one of all, so good job on that. *wink*

My Mom even makes HER own birthday cake, because she feels bad asking others to do it for her! Last year she did it and I had mentioned it to my boyfriend and his brother and they thought that was just tops of her. So this year, sure enough, she made her own cake again. A pretty pink one! (Of course it was pink. I am truly my Mother’s daughter.) It’s the little things like that which make her special. And why my Momsie is better than yours. Na-Na!

Ok, time for an embarrassing/funny moment about her! Muahaha… A long time ago, when she was first learning how to “internet”, I taught her how to check her email. Well, one day she decided to check it and typed in “hotMALE.com” by mistake. (Mhmm, mistake. Because it’s her birf-day, I’ll believe that for today.) The comedy pretty much writes itself from there. It’s something we don’t let her live down, nor should we! But now she’s an expert and let me tell you, if you’re in need of a good “dog laughing in the mirror at himself” video, well she’ll know just which one is best. And I like that.

She taught me faith, she showed me love and she she told me to never stop being strong. She’s the strongest lady I know, and I love her to bits. Also, she helped me appreciate a good cup of tea! Which is a rare and wonderful trait to have these days.

I love her lots and I wish her the happiest darn birthday ever!


Peace, love & sarcasm,


Ps. (Psst. Mom! Did you see that I made this post PINK?! 🙂 Only da best for you!)


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