Spooky Scaaaarry!

Why can’t I carve pumpkins like this?
Awesomesauce. I have a jealous.

BOO! Did I scare you? Yes, yes I did. Yay me.

Well, it’s been a while since my last post. Alot has been going on, but I’ve also been incredibly sick the last little while. Cold & flu, all rolled into one big sick fest. My boyfriend is sick. (Too many makeouts). My boyfriends brother is sick. (That one’s not my fault, I swear.) Heck, even our kitty is sick! Get down with the sickness people. But, I am back and this post is about…


Halloween is one of my fave holidays. It goes Christmas, my birthday, Halloween and Blame someone else day. (That’s a for reals day, no lies. It falls on the first Friday the 13th of the year.) I’ve always loved Halloween, probably because I adore scary movies and I find it best to watch them during the month of October. It’s like with Christmas. There’s a very small window where I can actually watch & enjoy Christmas movies. I can only watch them from December 1-December 25. Then, that’s it. Same goes with Halloween. One of my faves to watch is Nightmare on Elm Street. Oh man, it has everything! A young Johnny Depp gets sucked up into a water bed, need I say more? Although I adore horror movies, I don’t get scared by any of them. The only one I’ve ever in my life had to stop watching, was one called “Monster”. My Mom & I rented it (Awe. Rented it. I forgot how cute that is to say…) and it was about some guy who becomes possessed by something not nice. Which normally wouldn’t freak me out, but for some reason this one did. I was young at the time, but even so. The scene in The Exorcist where she walks down the stairs backwards freaks me out too, but that movie itself, did not. I find it most scary when regular crazy people are the killers, not so much monsters. Like Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I’d hate to be at that family reunion. Awkwaaaard.

Another reason I like Halloween, is the costumes! Even though it’s basically women subtracting pieces of clothing and men adding pieces of  clothing, I still heart the costumes. I’ve been a sexy little red riding hood, the little mermaid and a Charlie’s Angel, just to name a few. This year, I really want to dress in sexy steampunk attire. I’ve really grown to LOVE the clothing, and I think I’d look pretty damn cute. Now if I could only convince my boyfriend to dress as Sherlock Holmes, I’d be all set *wink*

A few other reason I enjoy this holiday is it’s in the fall, and I adore fall. The candy, which I barely eat anyways but still! And helllllo, pumpkin carving! I also like handing out candy to the kids. I’m very generous with the candy. I feel bad only giving one or two pieces, so I end up giving like 5 to each kid. I’mma very popular candy giver-outer.


Well, this post was totally random & not all that spooky scary I guess, but I hope you enjoyed it anyways! Please take care out there this Halloween and remember to eat, drink & be scary! (Clever, right? I know.)

Peace, love & sarcasm,





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