It’s ok to be grey.

Everyone has a sad day at one time or another. It’s life. It sucks, but it’s life. If we didn’t have sad times, we wouldn’t really be able to appreciate the happy times. We tend to often mask our true emotions from those we love most, but there really is no need for that.

We all go through hard times differently but what gets us through those hard times are the love and support of the people around us. I’m very blessed to have an amazing support system around me. I have my family, who’s always been there for me and I know always will. I have my friends, who most of which I’ve known since elementary school and I wouldn’t trade their crazy asses for anything. And I have my boyfriend, who I cherish and love so much. These are the people who I turn to, the people I lean on and the people I admire and adore. And I can only hope they all feel the same way about me.

Whether it be an emotional, physical or financial struggle you may be going through, just know that you’re not alone. Realize who you have to turn to, and lean on them for support. It can be your family, your friends, God. Or all of the above.

This post is a little more heavy compared to alot of my other ones, but I guess I’m just having one of those days. One of those, mind going a million miles a minute, can’t focus, hard kinda days. But I know it won’t last long, because tomorrow is another day.

It’s like this posts font, it has a real message but it’s masked at first glance by all the pretty colors. Don’t be ashamed to let your emotions out. And remember that sometimes, it’s ok to be grey.

Peace, love & sarcasm,



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