Road Trip!

Today I am on a road trip. A solo road trip. Not a very long one, just to Calgary for a little while to have a visit with my family there. The road between Edmonton & Calgary is a short one, 4 hours or so, but it’s a lovely ride. It gives one a chance to gather their thoughts & take in the scenery. The last couple of weeks have been just awful weather wise in Edmonton, pretty snow but grey skies & cold air. Not today though, today is sunny & not too chilly. Perfect for a mini road trip.

Often when one is alone with their thoughts, one’s mind tends to wander. And mine has wandered to numerous places so far. Like, why I am I not a famous scientist yet? And, is it possible to cry underwater? Also, why does Jensen Ackles want me so bad? (Ok, that last one might be a daydream.) My point is, our minds wander. They wander to pointless questions, funny observations, & meaningful thoughts on life, love & all things in between.

So next time your mind wanders, just remember to keep a handle on your thoughts & don’t be embarrassed when you ask yourself the question: If a tree falls in the middle of the forest, do the other trees make fun of it?

Peace, love & sarcasm,


(Side Note: Shout out to my nephew Moses, who turns the big 2-1 today! You people have no idea how frightening this is. Lock up your daughters, and your Mothers everyone!)


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