The Boy

Love you sweetie

(Written by: Me!)

Psst. Come a little closer

I have a secret I wanna share

There’s a boy I know, who I kind of adore

And I don’t even give a care

I don’t care that he’s a kid at heart

Or that he plays with toys

I don’t mind the fact that he buys whole pies

Yet takes just one slice to enjoy

I love his collection of Lego men

And that he wears his broken watch

I’m ok with how he makes the bed

And believes it to look oh so posh

I love the way he makes me laugh

Whether his jokes are a hit or miss

I love how we have a million catch phrases

Like “All the best things.” and “I don’t have time for this.”

I adore most everything about this boy

I’m such a lucky girl

To be able to say I’m in love with my best friend

Makes me the happiest person in the world

Peace, love & sarcasm,



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