Home Again, Home Again

To those of you lovely people who read my little bloggy blog on a regular basis, you know that I’ve been away in Calgary visiting family for the last little while. Almost two weeks actually! I had a wonderful time being back there and not just because I got totally spoiled by my parents. That’s right, I’m the favorite. (Deny it ALL you want Momsie and Dadsie, we all know it’s true. Wink.) It was sad to say goodbye to not only them, but to my kitty and puppy as well. They are my babies and I’mma miss them tons. I know I’ll be back soon though, Christmas is just around the corner after all! Also, YAY CHRISTMAS!

My trip wasn’t just about seeing family and cuddling pets though. I made it into a bit of a detox trip. I feel like I’ve detoxed my body, mind and spirit. I also treated myself and got my hair did, so now it’s even more red! That had nothing to do with anything, I just wanted to share because it looks so darn lovely.

This mini getaway was much needed for me in alot of ways, but I’m very happy to be going home today. I’ve missed my someone special so much and I can’t wait to see him in a few hours. Plus, I’ve been told he completely cleaned and de-cluttered our place! I’m usually the one to do things like that. I believe the world works much better when it’s organized and tidy. So I’m looking forward to that as well. Because I’m awesome like that.

See you soon Edmonton!

Peace, love & sarcasm,



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