Help! I’m Addicted to Reality Shows!

My name is Becky.

B-E-C-K-Y. And I’m a reality show-a-holic.

It’s true. I’m “one of those”. I’ll watch pretty much anything reality related. I find it incredible that we find watching other people live their lives, entertaining. Aren’t our own lives entertaining enough? It’s one of those mystery wrapped in a riddle, swaddled in stupid, things.

Whether it be housewives screaming at each other, idiots competing in a house for money, or wannabe chefs trying desperately to impress their British idol, it’s all pretty much the same crap. And like a delicious gingerbread cookie, we eat it up.

Even as I’m writing this, I’m watching one. I think we enjoy them because they are filled with “real life” drama. My gosh, I bet I could have my own reality show! I’ve had enough drama the last little while to fill a few seasons and I bet I’d bring in alot of viewers.

Ok, if I’m going to start a reality show the first thing I need to do is hire a writer. Yep, that is how most of these shows work. (I’m not wrong.)

I hope I get to be on a reality show one day. I know just the one I’d try out for too…

“Who wants to have Jensen Ackles babies?”

Peace, love & sarcasm,



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