Have no fear, 2013 is almost here!


Hello, my lovelies!

I know, I know, it’s taken me FOREVER to write another bloggy blog, and for that I offer my most sincerest “I sowwie’s”.

Truth is, I just needed a little break from it all and some much needed, me time. I like to believe that you all were crying in your pillows on a daily basis, refreshing my blog page every 5 minutes thinking WHYYYY? Although I may be that conceded, I assure you I’m not that deluded. You probably didn’t even realize I was gone. And that’s totally fair 😉

First of all, Merry belated Christmas and to those who are easily offended, Happy belated Holidays! I hope you all had a wonderful time being with your loved ones and made the best of being around the ones you’re not too fond of. I know I did! I’m fortunate enough to be around people I love and adore most of the time, so yay for that. This year, my boyfriend and I drove to Calgary to be with my family and then drove back Christmas day to Edmonton to be with his. We had a lovely time and everyone totally spoiled each other. He got me a beautiful ring, filled with tiny diamonds that I just adore. And I got him a rockin’ pocket watch that was engraved with sweet nothings on it. There was more too, we did each others stockings and like I said, totally spoiled each other. The most important thing to me that we did though, was waking up next to each other on Christmas morning. We didn’t get the chance to last year, as I was living in a different city. So I was so happy to have been able to do it this year. Also, there was a card plan! I have ALWAYS been one who’s loved to receive cards. They are favorite. Mike knows this. So last year, he showed up with like 6 cards at Christmas, it was very sweet and I didn’t think he could top it. Well, this year he managed to surprise me with random cards from the 23rd until the 25th, in the most random of places. And it was wonderful. It’ll be hard for him to top that next year! But I’m sure he will 🙂 He’s good like that.

Also, my 27th birthday is January 3, and for it I got an early gift… A Tassimo! Oh sweet chai tea lattes, how I love you. It’s one of my favorite new toys.

Now, it’s New Years Eve. Unfortunately, Mike has to work until midnight tonight and everyone else already had plans, so I plan on ringing in the New Year with our cat, Harley. At the present time, I’m watching the documentary Super Size Me. And it’s totally making me want to vomit. THIS is why I’m vegan people. This is why. I also had a Dawson’s Creek marathon and bawled like a baby at the series finale. *SPOILER ALERT* How dare they kill off Jen! Heart condition, pfft. If anyone was going to have any kind of condition it should have been Dawson. I never liked him. Pacey was always favorite in my eyes. Side note, Jensen Ackles was in the final season of the show too, which is probably why I had a marathon of it the last few days.

Ok, I’m getting wayyyy off track here. Where was I? Ahh, yes. New Years! Well, 2012 was for sure one of the most dramatic years in my entire life. It’s also been one of the best though. Mike and I have an amazing and healthy relationship and he means more to me than anything. We’ve been through so much together that I know whatever happens, we’ll have each other. And that’s deep down, all I care about.

Us on Christmas morning.

Christmas morning, 2012.

So, I dedicate this New Years Eve post to the one I love! Mike, you really mean everything to me and I love you so, so much. All the much infact. I can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store for us. I thank you for all of the happy times and even all of the sad ones. Because although it’s impossible for most to light a candle in the rain, you always manage to do just that. I love you sweetheart. My midnight kiss will be sent via Jedi mind trick tonight until you get home for the real thing. Wink.

Happy New Years everyone!

Peace, love & sarcasm,




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