New Years Resolutions, Anyone?


I’m the first one to admit that New Years Resolutions are usually oh so very hokey. They are just full of broken promises to either yourself, others, or the gym. The stats are clear, not many even make it to March before bitching & ditching their goals. I’m not trying to sound like a negative Nelly, I’m just explaining why I never make any. Until this year.

Now, I have alot of things I want to do. I want to travel more. I want to be a yoga instructor. I want to open my own yoga studio someday. I even want to teach barre classes. (Yoga & ballet mixed. One heck of a workout! I highly recommend if you’re wanting a sexay & fun time.) But I don’t need to promise myself in January that all of that MUST happen in the course of a year. That seems like alot of pressure on my tiny self. I don’t like giving deadlines for huge life changing things. If you work hard & believe that things happen for a reason, I think you’ll be set… And sure, I would like to be Mrs.Jensen Ackles as well, but some things just aren’t realistic. If you’re going to make a resolution, make it one you’re pretty sure you can handle. And don’t make it a lame one. I don’t know how many more “My resolution is to be nicer!” or “This is the year I get married and have all of my babies!”. No. Just, no. Don’t do things like that, for the sake of yourself & us all, just don’t. You can promise yourself you’ll get married & have babies all you want, but if you go out looking for love with a mind-set like that, chances are your promise to yourself, will turn into a lie. And nobody likes a liar with their pants on fire. Unless you’re Jensen Ackles. And to those that need to make a resolution to START being nice, that means you’ve basically been a terrible person in the past & that’s not cool. Shame on you, jerks. I’ve known alot of terrible people (mostly girls, and mostly in the last couple of years.) and I know for a fact that no amount of years will make up for the things they’ve done & the words they’ve said. I’m no saint, but I certainly don’t need it to be the month of January to make promises to be a better person.

So, my resolution is really quite simple this year. To get legally divorced. I know, you’re all like whaaa? Well, it’s true. My ex husband & I have been separated for almost two & a half years now & we’re still legally married. It may just be a piece of paper that binds us right now, but that’s it. I’m very happy in my life now, and I hope he is as well. And I’m not knocking marriage AT ALL when I say this, but I find it so totally lamesauce how easy it is to get married & how difficult it is to get divorced. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? I truly believe in marriage & will one day be a bride again, this time a little older & far wiser. I just wish it didn’t have to take so much out of those involved. Mentally. Emotionally. Physically.

Without sounding terrible, I can honestly say that I look forward to the day when I’m no longer tethered to my past. When I no longer have to hear the jokes that I MUST be a catch if I have a boyfriend & a husband. Sure, it’s funny. But it all gets rather tiring after a while. So that’s my resolution my lovelies.

Wish me luck & I shall do the same pour vous.

Peace, love & sarcasm,



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