Games Aren’t Always Fun


Girls (and some guys) but actually, mostly girls… STOP. PLAYING. GAMES! I’m not talking about Monopoly or a rousing game of H.O.R.S.E. Well, maybe those too. But what I’m talking about is mind games. Whether it be mind games with the boys, your family or your friends, just stop. NOBODY APPRECIATES IT. Especially me. (Just look at all of my caps! That implies that I’m yelling at you. Rawwrrr.)

I’ve been around it enough to know when one is playing a mind game. I’m not saying it’s always bitchy/childish girls (I know, I know. Someone has an opinion today…) it can be stupid guys too, but not today. Today I’m talking to the ladies. I know when a girl is playing a relentless MG & not to boast, but I’m always right about it. And I usually call it looong before it happens. Which comes in handy later, when I do my gloating to those involved. (I kid, I don’t gloat. That would be a MIND GAME. And I think I’ve established how I feel about dem der things.)

I’m saying this, not to be mean. But simply because I hate seeing those I care about being treated poorly by girls who think it’s ok to do so. And I’ve been through it myself, jealous girls thinking they can play me like a fiddle. Little did they know that I’m an expert on their MG BS. And this little lady is far too classy & wonderful to put up with that crap.

The moral of my rant tonight is, don’t be a bitch who plays games. Unless you’re a dog playing poker.

Peace, love & sarcasm,



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