The Skinny On Being Skinny


Skinny. Thin. Petite. I’ve heard it all before. These things are usually meant to be compliments, but when people start adding a “too” in front of them, they can be down right hurtful.

I admit, I am a thin little lady. Always have been. I’m 5’8 & weigh less than a girl of my height should weigh. Which isn’t even really my fault. Yes, I do workout regularly. I’m a runner & I enjoy my hot yoga. And yes, I’m a vegetarian who tries to shop organically. But those reasons alone shouldn’t make people feel concerned for me or feel the need to have a talk with me about the importance of being healthy. They don’t understand that I have done my research and know more about the subject than they do. I lead a very healthy lifestyle. I eat all the right things. I do all the right exercises. And most of all, I’m generally quite pleased with the way I look and feel.

So why do I sometimes feel guilty for being healthy and feeling good?

Peace, love & sarcasm,



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