I less than three Valentine’s Day!

I’m one of those hopeless fools who adores everything about Feb.14. Oh sure, I claim to not give a care. “You know sweetie, I don’t need flowers or cards. It’s really just a day.” *Cries inside* But if you have the pleasure of really knowing me, you’ll know that I love heart day. Next to Christmas Eve, it’s probably my favorite holiday. Why? Because I’m a sucker. I wouldn’t call myself a hopeless romantic, more of a realistic romantic. All I ask for is at the very least, a lovely card. And maybe my favorite orchids. And maybe diamonds. But that’s it! *Wink* 481507_10151135185582143_265470145_n

Now to be fair, I’m also on the other end of the love train. I adore giving as well on heart day. And it’s my boyfriends birthday to boot on Feb.14 so I have to be EXTRA adorable & romantic. Which is hard, because I’m already so much of both. *Wink*

So this Valentine’s Day, spread the love & send out some Valentine’s! Make your sweetheart a candlelit dinner, complete with strawberries & chocolate sauce for dessert. Text your Mommy and wish her a happy day as well! And if you happen to be spending the day solo this year, take some time for yourself. I haven’t actually spent a Valentine’s alone since I was… 19… I think. I’m 27 now. Wow. My whole life just nseven_owl barn_v-day card_ 2011flashed before my eyes. Time is a mysterious beotch. Anyways, back on track… Ah yes! Even if you’re alone this Feb.14, take some you time. Have yourself a candlelit bubble bath & watch a sappy girly movie. Or if you’re like me, watch Die Hard.

However you spend your love day this year, spend it wise & spend it well. And put all the la-la-la-love into it that you can ❤

Peace, love & sarcasm,



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