The Little Things

I’ve always said that it’s the little things we do in a relationship, that keep things feeling special. This point has been proven to me more than once. One of those times, was this morning.

The past few days, I haven’t been 100%. I haven’t been my happy-go-lucky, loveliest lovely self. I’ve had a fog in my head, pain through my side, and nauseous beyond belief. I caught a sick. A pretty bad & annoying one to say the least. It’s mentally, physically & emotionally drained me and all I can say is, I better get better soon! Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve lost weight, weight that I did not need to lose, and I’ve lost my taste for my soy/decaf lattes. So I’m pretty irritated with the whole situation. But, the one thing I do enjoy still, and the thing that seems to calm my tummy the most, are my soy chamomile & soy london fog tea lattes.

My boyfriend is pretty wonderful. He’d do anything & everything for me. And I’d do the same for him. In fact, just last night I waited in the ER with him until 1am while he got his hand x-rayed. All is fine, just a little sprain. (We have established that’s he’s just not good at catching football though :p) But like I said, it’s the little things like waiting in an ER room to keep him company, that matter.

So this morning, I noticed him cleaning our Tassimo. I never said anything, but I know he was doing it for me. He knows I don’t know how to take out the top thing (no idea what it’s called) and that I’m nervous I’ll break it if I try. He he knows that I’m an organized & clean person, and that because our Tassimo is white, I feel that it should always stay sparkly white. And he knows that our drinks taste better, when the top thing, is totally clean. My tea lattes included. So this morning, he did it for me.

It’s the little things he does, that matter most to me.

Peace, love & sarcasm,



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