Car Accidents & Frustrations

I like to think of my blog as a happy go-lucky one. One that you can come to for recipes, fun facts, or just a dose of sarcasm. But today, is a little different. Today I want to talk about something a little less light.

This was our car after the accident, where I was hit.

This was our car after the accident, where I was hit.
Our car was a write-off, as was the semi that t-boned us.

For those of you that have read my blog since the start, you know that my boyfriend and I were in a pretty serious car accident last March. In fact, March 18 will mark the one year “anniversary” of the accident. The particular location of our accident occurred at an intersection that is kind of

notorious for accidents. In the last year alone, there have been many that have happened in the exact same spot as ours. And just last week, there was another one. One where a life was lost. And although they have yet to release the name of the young man who passed, I know that he was 27 and was the passenger of the car that was t-boned. Which is the seat I was in, when our car was t-boned. At the same intersection. In the same

manner. His car was struck by an SUV and ours was struck by a semi. That was pretty much the only difference. Their car even spun out and hit a light pole, which is just what ours did.

My heart goes out to this young mans family and friends. Every time I think about it, I just break into tears. Because I know that it could have been Mike and I. It brings me right back to that day. And it makes me realize again and again just how lucky and blessed we were.

There was a quote from an officer in one of the articles regarding this recent accident which said:

“The intersection is notorious for crashes. Cars are constantly trying to turn left when it’s not safe to do so, in an effort to get where they need to go faster. Everyone is always in such a rush.”

This quote, broke my heart and frustrated me all at the same time. With our accident, Mike got a ticket for making an “unsafe” left hand turn. Now, I don’t remember alot about the actual impact of the accident, but I remember the moments leading up to it and I know that there was nothing Mike could have done differently to prevent what happened. He appealed the ticket, and things got worked out, but the fact that he was accused of that and then to read a quote like that, is just beyond ridiculous to me. I understand that there are alot of people who perhaps do make unsafe decisions when driving. But to lump those kind of situations together with situations like what happened with Mike and I, is not right. We were NOT in a rush. And for the person I care about most (who by the way, is the safest driver I’ve ever known) to be associated with unsafe drivers who just don’t care and make unsafe decisions to get places faster, really upsets me. It’s quotes like that, which allow innocent individuals involved, to blame themselves for what happened. And nobody should feel that way. Many times I’ve thought it was my fault. If only I hadn’t wanted to leave from breakfast so soon. If only I hadn’t said we should make a stop somewhere else before heading home. Maybe then I could have prevented the accident from happening. And if I’m thinking that way as a passenger, I can’t imagine how a driver would feel.

My heart and prayers go out to those who have been in similar situations as Mike and I and especially to those who been in accidents with more serious and tragic outcomes.

Peace & Love,



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