Back In Timeline

Tonight I was on Facebook & accidentally hit the timeline button, wasn’t paying attention & scrolled down to a section of my wall that I never wanted to see again. Of all the places I could have came across, I mistakenly stumble upon the March/2012 portion of my life. However, after reading through everything again, I am so glad I did. I never really realized how incredibly strong I was through the whole thing, how amazing Mike was to me and how all of my family and friends were there to support us. I knew everyone was amazing, but I guess in a way I forgot until tonight. Every status I made, was so up beat and glass half full-ish, it’s just so nice to see that in the roughest of times, I can still be my happy self. One of my statuses, which made me giggle tonight was:
“Was t-boned by a semi on St.Albert Trail yesterday. T-BONED. See, now this is why I’mma vegetarian.”
One thing that really caught my eye, which I never forgot but I guess put in the back of my head, was a letter Mikes Dad wrote to our local news paper. You see, when we first had the accident, the next day they ran a story about it and the headline was “Near Miss”. This angered alot of people, rightfully so. I wanted to share what he wrote, as it’s so powerful. Reading it again tonight, it brought me to tears and made me think about how very lucky I am to have such amazing people in my life.
It was hard & emotional to go through March/2012 again, but I’m glad I did.
You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.
Peace & Love,
RE: April Bartlett’s photo and caption “Near Miss”.
St.Albert Gazette, March 24/2012, page 7
Perhaps the St.Albert Gazette has been in the news game too long? Perhaps the years in the trenches has rendered our local paper numb? Maybe a leave of absence or stress leave should be prescribed? I know there must be a reason why a semi truck and trailer can speed through a red light, at a busy St.Albert intersection, plough into my son and future daughter in-law, ram them into a pole, cross into oncoming traffic, all the while dumping tonnes of cargo amongst indecent bystanders, be a “Near Miss”. My son owned a big boat of a car and I thank my lucky stars for that, anything much smaller and the “Near Miss” like the one they took would have ended in body bags and a call asking me to identify the bodies. This “Near Miss” cracked or broke multiple ribs, broke a pelvis, punctured a lung, broke a car doors window by ramming a beautiful and intelligent young girls head through it, damaged my sons spine, caused Doctors to have to remove glass from the inside of someone’s body and sew them up, bruised internal organs and who knows what else. I read the “Near Miss” bit while my son Michael was at the side of Becky’s hospital bed a week after the collision, so if I sound angry, it’s because I am. It’s as if the bit was written to make us feel sorry for a professional driver that was too lazy to secure and check his load and then scream through a red light.
Maybe the Gazette had no way of knowing? Nope. The RCMP are sifting through 20-30 eyewitness reports, plus I phoned my Gazette ad rep and told her, I’m sure she has my number. My anger will subside in a relatively short time. These young adults will feel this pain, I fear, forever.

Brad Ward


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