I Got 99 Posts And I Just Added One!

21747_10151085113747143_1344677441_nOk, so that Jay-Z reference in the title was a little far fetched, maybe. But I still think it was rather clever. And I bet you have the song in your head now! Muahaha!

So, this is my 100th post for The Feistiest Of Them All! Yay! I love to write and express myself in fun and unique ways. That is why my blogs are important to me. I realize that when you come read my posts, it ‘aint the New York Times. You won’t find any best selling author material type stuff in here. (Well, maybe. I’m a damn good writer.) But you all keep coming back, and for that I adore you! I joke and say that the only ones that read my posts are my boyfriend and my Momsie. But in reality, I actually have ALOT of “followers”. I get alot of likes and comments as well, on this blog and my other one, “Beautifully Vegan”.

I appreciate you lovely people coming and checking out what I, a feisty redhead, has to say 🙂

Thank you.

Peace, love & sarcasm,



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