Game of Whaa?

Game of Sex. Sex on Thrones. GAME OF THRONES! That’s it. I knew I’d get there eventually.

Seriously HBO, you may as well just change the title because after 3 seasons of what can only be described as soft core porn with a back story, the whole Game part is pretty much useless.

I’ve seen every episode and don’t get me wrong, I think the show is great. But it’s very hard for me to fully invest in something that I know will have more nudity than alot of Russ Meyer’s movies. And it’s not even tasteful or important to the story alot of the times. In my opinion, it’s just there to draw forth a crowd. Which ok, I understand that sexy times do draw in more viewers, but there’s no need to have some of the scenes it’s had in seasons past. It sometimes makes me not want to watch it because I usually do so with my boyfriend and his brother, which just feels wrong sometimes. Ever watched porn with someone you consider to be your brother? Awkward.

Even the creators of the show have opinions about it. This is a small part of a recent interview that one of the shows creators, David Benioff, said to the reporter:

MJ: Okay, I’d like to get your take on this whole notion of “sexposition.” Do people really pay closer attention to intricate plot points delivered during a sex scene?

Benioff: Personally, I pay less attention to intricate plot points delivered during sex scenes.

Not to mention the fact that now every Sunday night all I can think about is the fact that my boyfriend will be seeing many ladies in their nudities. Which is silly, yes. But it’s how I feel some of the time.

I’m no prude. Trust me. Sex is fine when it adds something to the story, but I don’t need random sex with my violence in every episode.

I just hope the show loses the whole sexposition feel to it & adds more to the story because when it comes to this, that’s what draws me in.




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