Let’s Play

Ello, my lovelies!


(In case you missed the link before because you weren’t PAYING ATTENTION)

I’mma make this short and sweet. Click this link: Maxiamaru!

What is it, you ask? Well, you should have just trusted me! But since you don’t, *wipes away tears*, lemme tell you a little about it.

My boyfriends younger brother, Max, is a wonderful sort. He collects swords, plays guitar, does HARDCORE PARKOUR (sorry, I just love saying that with gumption) and has a wicked awesome Youtube channel. He does “Let’s Play” videos, where he basically plays video games. But it’s so much more than that, oh yes. He adds one important thing, HUMOR! Laughter and video games? What could be better?

So click the link, follow him and be a creeper if you want! Creep all up on him.

(Maybe don’t do that so much, but do check out his stuff. For me! Also him.)




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