The Balance

Wow. It’s been forEVER since I last posted. I sowwie! Life just gets in the way sometimes. But here I am, party people. Thank you, thank you. No applause necessary. (Just, indulge me please.)

I just noticed applause looks like apple sauce. I noticed that because I thought I wrote apple sauce. And that’s awesome. Ok, anyways…

So, the last little while I’ve taken some classes. I’ve taken Barre classes (ballet/pilates/yoga mixed), regular hot yoga, Bikram hot yoga, etc. I usually just do my yoga practice at home or alone, but soon I will be taking my yoga teacher training course (only a few more weeks until my intensive begins!) so I’ve been wanting to get more experience in classes and with different styles of teachers. I’ve come across teachers I love and some I could maybe appreciate a little more, haha, but all in all it’s been a great experience. I love trying new things but I also love consistency. So, it can sometimes be hard to balance the workout part of my life out but I think I’ve managed to do just that. And I think I’m doing a lovely job in preparing myself for what’s to come and what’s hopefully going to be a lasting career for me. All my life I’ve wanted to do one of three things. Be an airline stewardess, a dance teacher or a yoga teacher. Or Robert Downey Jr’s wife actually, but that’s beside the point. And to think that I’ll be reaching my goal soon, makes me very proud of myself šŸ™‚




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