YTT – Day 3

Today we learned more about Ayurveda, Doshas and healthy nutrition! I really enjoyed it all and found it very fascinating. Our class is privileged in the fact that we’re taking part in this teacher training in an organic/whole foods market, greenhouse, spa and yoga studio. (They have fantastic lattes too! For the days where your mind is overwhelmed with info and your body is aching from all of the asanas poses.) So we were able to take a tour and check out what foods, herbs and supplements are best. It was a great experience and will change the way I shop I think. Our teacher was a great one too. He knew all there was to know about the Ayurvedic lifestyle, as he lives it himself everyday.

We also watched the documentary “What the bleep do we know?”. (That’s legit what it’s called. Google it.) And that was one crazy yet interesting movie! It was all about quantum physics! We then had to ask ourselves, how does quantum physics relate to Ayurveda, if it all? I saw so many parallels between the two, it was amazing. It was so funny too, because on one of Mikes and I’s first dates, we sat at the park and he started telling me about the other worlds and possible parallel universes. So learning more about that today, brought me back to that day with him. Sitting at the park, talking about the worlds.

We also did two yoga sessions! I am so exhausted and sore, but it’s a good burn 😉 All in all, it was a very interesting day.



(Ps. I just realized I’m starting to speak “yogi’ more and more! The word asana means pose.)


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