YTT – Day 4

I conquered my first week of yoga teacher training! Yay! It was a hard and full week, but I’m having a good time doing it πŸ™‚ It’s a great group of people to learn with too, and our teachers are wonderful. I just hope the next little while goes by as fast as this week did!

We did alot of yoga today, which I’m now paying for! Ouchy! But like I always say, it’s a good burn πŸ˜‰ We learned the power of our words and that breath is the key to any yoga class. We also broke down the sun salutations, and had to actually teach them ourselves to the class! Gasp! I know. I think we were all a little nervous and intimidated to do this, but it’s a very non judgmental group so we all did well considering it was our first time in front of the class, teaching. We had alot of fun with it and our teacher is very calming and easy going, so it was a good time. To some, it was more of a challenge because of their shyness or harshness on them selves and to others it came easy. I’m not shy, but I can be hard on myself. I tend to put alot of pressure on myself in times where I know I need to impress, so this overwhelmed me at first. But as we took lunch, and I reflected with a latte, I realized that there is just no room for pressure and fear in yoga.

It is just yoga, after all.

That’s basically what we did today. ‘Twas was a very physically and mentally intense day, I am so beyond sore I could barley lift my latte. Our teacher did say to just decompress this weekend though. Don’t think too much about everything and have a good time. So that’s what I intend to do πŸ™‚




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