I’m Becky. Sweet ‘n’ sassy redhead and writer of this here bloggy blog. I’m 26 born in Calgary and I have a wonderful life. My family is crazy, my friends are entertaining and my boyfriend reminds me of Dean Winchester. Like I said, I have a wonderful life. I’m a vegetarian living, reality show loving, yoga doing, smoothie making girl. Sarcasm is my weapon of choice and I adore the color pink. My family & friends mean the world to me and I have the most wonderful boyfriend in this world. Really. My boyfriend is much more better than yours.

I’ve been through ups, downs, even played chicken with a semi truck and lost once. You’ll hear all about that, other things that have happened in the last year and some randomness via my blog.

I hope you enjoy the words of a feisty redhead and if you don’t, well that’s fine too. My boyfriend is still better than yours.







4 thoughts on “About

  1. I was born in Calgary and loved every minute I lived there. I moved to the Edmonton area last March though after my boyfriend & I were in a car accident. Also, Jasper is lovely!

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