100+ Followers? Gasp!

I started The Feistiest Of Them All on August 8, 2012. I never expected anyone other than my boyfriend and my Momsie to read my thoughts, jokes, recipes and writings to be honest, but now I have over 100 followers on this blog and almost 100 on my other bloggy blog, Beautifully Vegan. Now, I know that may not be alot to some, but it’s alot to me! I’d much rather have 100 followers that truly enjoy what I have to say, than 1000 that could care less 🙂

I wanted to thank all of you lovely and fantastical people who follow, comment and like my posts. It means alot 🙂 Please, share my page with others and continue to follow me 🙂 Just, not in a creepy way. If you’re going to do that, be sure to stay in the bushes where I can’t see you :p

Thank you again! You’re all wonderful.




It’s Momsie’s Day!

True Story

True Story

I wanted to take the time to wish all of you lovely & wonderful Mommy’s out there the hap-hap-HAPPIEST of Mother’s Days today! A special “shout out” (yes, I said shout out…) to my Momsie & Mikes Momsie, who are too of the most darling and sarcastic people out there 😉

They are the rocks that our families throw through the windows of any problem or situation that may come our way. They are always there for us and will forever keep us smiling.

La-La-La LOVE you guys! Thank you for being so dang awesomesauce.



Vote For Us!

Ello, my lovelies!

I need to ask you all for a favor. For those of you that use Twitter, please Tweet the following:

I want to see @raptorsaurusrex on Comic Chameleon, the ultimate webcomics iPhone app! http://comicchameleon.com/ via @comicchameleon

Ok, now let me explain… Basically this is an an APP for the iphone (and soon Android) that streams webcomics.

The app was just released two days ago with 25 webcomics on it. Big ones. And soon they will make it so that anyone with a webcomic can have theirs in the program. But that part of the program is still in Beta so Mike and I want to be one of the first to be a part of it so that we will get thousands of viewers every day.

They are only choosing a handful of webcomics to add during the beta so they set up an algorithm that counts tweets as votes. The more people that say “I want to see @raptorsaurusrex on Comic Chameleon, the ultimate webcomics iPhone app! http://comicchameleon.com/ via @comicchameleon” , the more votes we’ll have.

So please, PLEASE help us out. I know it means alot to us (especially Mike) to be apart of this Beta for our webcomic, Stick Dinosaurs.

I want to do anything and everything I can to help make this happen. So please help us, and I’ll be your bestest friend forEVER! (That means for always!)

Thank you in advance.



This is the comic for today, May 9/2013 :)
This is the comic for today, May 9/2013 🙂


Well, I’ve been in Calgary visiting family the last few days and it’s been lovely. The weather has been amazing and I’ve been able to get out and go for long runs and walks in the sunshine. I miss Mike, but you know what they say? Being away from someone makes that thing in your chest grow fonder. Or something like that. I’m no good with sayings.

Today I’m treating my puppy (yes, puppy) to a spa day! Not myself, no sir. Today is her day. She’s going to get her nails clipped and some sort of special bath I think with eucalyptus oils and whatnot. She’s not going to know what hit her! Literally, she’s not. She’s a dog guys. But I still like to think she knows what’s going on and is excited about it.

Oooooh, I changed it up! Pink writing now.

While I’m here, I plan to freshen up my hairs a bit. I’m going to go more red! Which is also exciting. I still have lovely red hairs at the moment, it’s just faded a bit so I’mma brighten them up some 🙂 Meow.

Oh! And another thing about hair… My wonderful Momsie gave me her curling wand and I used it this morning and I’ve now got dashing, long waves in my hair! They are lovely. I highly recommend these curling wands to you ladies (and men, if you’re so inclined!) because they are just awesomesauce.

Well, I best be on my way for now. I’ll post some photos for you nosy buggers. What can I say? I aim to please.



Walking Vienna in my dress & heels. Like a boss.

Walking Vienna in my dress & heels. Like a boss.

Enjoying the sun.

Enjoying the sun.

View from my parents patio.

View from my parents patio.

Vienna on the other hand, may appreciate it too much.

Vienna on the other hand, may appreciate it too much.

Kitty is not impressed. She just doesn't appreciate good photography.

Kitty is not impressed. She just doesn’t appreciate good photography.




Missing You

This past weekend was a lovely one. Mike and I drove to Calgary to visit with my family and spend some time in Banff. We had such a lovely time.

I decided I needed some extra family time, so I’m staying in Calgary for the next few days or maybe longer, we shall see. Mike left last night and made it safely back to Edmonton. I remember when we used to have a long distance relationship when we first started going out, and the hardest part was always those last few minutes before one of us left the other to go home. It kinda felt like that all over again last night.

But, it’s been lovely seeing my family and Mike will be back soon to get me and take me back. It’s just hard being away from him, is all. I’m sure most of you know the feeling. This whole “missing you” emotion really is a hard one. I sure do love that boy 🙂

On another note, it’s absolutely gorgeous here in Calgary! I’ve already went for a long run, took my puppy Vienna out for a long walk and enjoyed my smoothie and Beauty Detox Foods book on the patio! And it’s not even 10am yet! I really forgot how much I loved this area of the city too, so calm and pretty. Right beside a huge natural park. My parents are lucky ducks to live here 🙂

I’ve attached some of the photos from our little day trip to Banff. It was Mikes first time there too! I’m happy I was able to be his lovely tour guide.



Yea, we're pretty adorable.

Yea, we’re pretty adorable.


Beautiful Mountains!

Beautiful Mountains!

DSC07905 DSC07907



DSC07910 DSC07911 DSC07912

Banff, AB.

Banff, AB.



Owl Love You Sweetheart("Owwwaaalll!")

Owl Love You Sweetheart

I wrote this poem a while ago for my sweetheart, Mike.

The brightness in your eyes

Cast a light which never ends

Before our love was realized

We started out as friends

With friendship, came the courtship

Which then turned into love

The rain that once poured down on us

Has stopped from up above

Our dreams have seemed to come alive

Our fears have turned to dust

Holding you, I feel at home

For in your arms I trust

My heart has captured all of it

My eyes have froze in time

Fixated on the one I love

Blessed to call you mine

Our darkened rain has faded now

And in it’s place leaves light

A brightness only we can see

And there’s no end in sight

My love for you has strengthened me

And with our love brings light

For in each other, we found a future

On those lovely summer nights

He’s my everything. I love him more and more each day and I can’t really imagine my life without him.

Everyday, he tells me I’m beautiful. Everyday he makes me feel special. And everyday, he shows me how much he loves me. A love like that is so rare and I’m beyond blessed to have him in my life.

He and I have been through ups and downs, as every good and passionate relationship does, and through it all we’ve stuck by each other. We started out as friends and stayed that way for a couple of years. I went through a rather tough time in my own life, married at 24 and separated by 25. In my own eyes, I was an emotional disaster. Everyone tells me I’m the strongest person they know, but nobody knew the hurt I was feeling. The pain inside me was often masked with witty banter and sarcastic humor. But when I looked in the mirror, I had turned into someone I barely recognized. I was in love with the life that I thought I had. I thought I was happy, and for a while I was, but near the end of my marriage I realized that I had grown and needed to make a change or I would always be staring back at a stranger in the mirror.

It wasn’t until after being separated, that I truly saw the light. I realized that one of the people that was always there for me, was Mike. I also came to find out that he had always rather fancied me, and that he wished things were different so he and I could be together. He, of course, never told me that until much later. (One of his friends AND his Momsie also told me that.)

We realized quickly how much in common we really had and that we had something special between us. Something we had never experienced with someone else before. We had found our happy place, in one another. Almost two years later, and we’re still going strong. Everyday is a happy one and we both know how lucky and blessed we truly are.

I love him.

Always have. Always will.




Romance: Till Unfriending Do Us Part

I recently read an article regarding relationships and Facebook, and it really got me thinking about how much the dating world has changed since social networking sites have popped up. We used to live in a world where person meets person. Person asks person out. People date. And people either stay together or break up. Simple, right? Right! Now, with Myspace, Twitter, dating sites and especially Facebook, all of our relationships have gone viral, it would seem. Everyone knows everyone’s business and everyone has an opinion about it.

My boyfriend and I were friends first, added each other to Facebook, and occasionally talked and had funny convos here and there. Nothing crazy. We lived 4 hours apart so that made it easy to not think too much into it and stay funny Facebook friends. But because of Facebook, we finally realized how perfect we were for each other and fast forward through alot of ups and some very minor downs, we’ve never been happier. And I’ll never forget the day we “made it official” on Facebook. Mostly because it’s on our timelines FOREVER, but also because I remember that it was infact a “big deal” to announce our love for one another online. Which is absolutely ridiculous. But very true. With this, came jealousy and questions from exes and some now former friends, of course. To which I would say to them, get a life and stop being a peanut butter and jellyfish over mine.

But that’s what social networking is. A giant pot of jealousy, insecurity and craziness. Facebook does ruin lives sometimes. I just know how to find the humor in it. And I hope you can too…

Romance: Till Unfriending Do Us Part

Looking for Love!

Remember privacy? Two people could meet, fall in love, and start a life together, and only their families and perhaps closest friends would know. Well, that’s a thing of the past—at least for the 1 billion (and counting) people on Facebook. “It makes our relationships transparent in a way they’ve never been before,” says Rosanna Guadagno, a social psychologist at the National Science Foundation who has studied online behavior. A slew of recent findings demonstrates that the ubiquitous social networking giant is now a factor and often a complication at every stage of a relationship.

Nice to E-Meet You

If you like someone on Facebook, it might be worth a shot in the flesh: A growing body of research suggests that people are roughly the same on- and offline. One study in Psychological Science reports that when people rate others’ personalities based only on their Facebook profiles, the assessments tend to be an accurate reflection of reality. But superficial things manipulate our perceptions: Israeli researchers found that when a man is holding a guitar in his profile photo, women are three times more likely to respond positively to a flirtatious introduction.

It’s Complicated

The wealth of information on a typical profile can be dangerous. “Being on Facebook exposes us to information about our partner that we may not otherwise be privy to and that lacks context,” notes Amy Muise, a social psychologist at the University of Toronto. A recent study led by Muise found that the more time people spend on Facebook, the more jealous of their partners they are likely to be. (Whether Facebook “creeping” leads to jealousy or jealousy leads to “creeping” is difficult to tease apart, but the authors suggest that it’s most likely a bit of both.)

Status Update Anxiety

In the 1963 movie musical Bye Bye Birdie, one of the central scenes has all the teenagers in town frantically calling each other with the news that the two main characters are “going steady.” Now? One simple click, and everyone knows. “Commitment is no longer a private relationship agreement,” observes Muise, and that can lead to very public problems. A recent study from the University of Wisconsin–Madison found that disagreements within couples over the perilous “relationship status” field were associated with lower relationship satisfaction for women.

Goodbye for Never

Cutting ties was once as easy as burning a pile of love letters and shipping a box of left-behind miscellany, but breaking up on Facebook adds a new layer of complexity. “I’ve heard people say over and over again: ‘A breakup is not official until it happens on Facebook,’” notes Guadagno—but even then, it’s hard to make a clean break. About 75 percent of those surveyed in Muise’s study indicated that they were inclined to add ex-partners as friends; another study found that a third of users actively keep tabs on their exes, although such behavior is associated with more distress and difficulty moving on.

Peace, love & sarcasm,


The Little Things

I’ve always said that it’s the little things we do in a relationship, that keep things feeling special. This point has been proven to me more than once. One of those times, was this morning.

The past few days, I haven’t been 100%. I haven’t been my happy-go-lucky, loveliest lovely self. I’ve had a fog in my head, pain through my side, and nauseous beyond belief. I caught a sick. A pretty bad & annoying one to say the least. It’s mentally, physically & emotionally drained me and all I can say is, I better get better soon! Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve lost weight, weight that I did not need to lose, and I’ve lost my taste for my soy/decaf lattes. So I’m pretty irritated with the whole situation. But, the one thing I do enjoy still, and the thing that seems to calm my tummy the most, are my soy chamomile & soy london fog tea lattes.

My boyfriend is pretty wonderful. He’d do anything & everything for me. And I’d do the same for him. In fact, just last night I waited in the ER with him until 1am while he got his hand x-rayed. All is fine, just a little sprain. (We have established that’s he’s just not good at catching football though :p) But like I said, it’s the little things like waiting in an ER room to keep him company, that matter.

So this morning, I noticed him cleaning our Tassimo. I never said anything, but I know he was doing it for me. He knows I don’t know how to take out the top thing (no idea what it’s called) and that I’m nervous I’ll break it if I try. He he knows that I’m an organized & clean person, and that because our Tassimo is white, I feel that it should always stay sparkly white. And he knows that our drinks taste better, when the top thing, is totally clean. My tea lattes included. So this morning, he did it for me.

It’s the little things he does, that matter most to me.

Peace, love & sarcasm,


Happy La-La-La Love Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope you’re all having a fantastic day with your sweethearts. I know I am!

Today is my boyfriends birthday, so it’s hard to make this day a “me” day, I want today to be all about him. I get all of the other days, he can have today 😉

With that being said, I’ve still been totally spoiled. He knows I love cards, so he’s surprised me with all of these adorable cards and he bought me DSC07675the Pandora charm that I wanted. Also, he got me a lovely vase of pink orchids! Oh, that boy spoils me so. He’s also going to take me out for dinner. But not tonight! No. Tonight is his night. I’m going to make his a dinner & maybe a vegan fondue for dessert! (Which, by the by, is a recipe on my other blog, Beautifully Vegan)

My boyfriend is an amazing, amazing man. He does & says all the right things, all the time. I often joke with him that I think he Googles what to say to me sometimes 😉 I love him so much & without him, my heart just seems incomplete. Thank you sweetie, for always being my happy place. Happy Birthday. Happy Valentine’s Day. And I love you. Much.

I hope you all have a lovely day, full of all the best things.

Peace, love & sarcasm,