Gasp! We’re Engaged! And going to Paris! And having a baby!

The title says it all! Mike and I recently got engaged, this past April 5 🙂 He proposed with THE most perfect and beautiful ring of my life.

As some of you know already, we’re expecting our first baby this coming September and couldn’t be happier. Now, we’ve decided to pack up for Paris next month! We’ve never been and we are beyond excited.

My pregnancy is going well, I’m almost 18 weeks and STILL have yet to gain much weight or even much of a belly. But I’m enjoying it all very much.

Just wanted to keep my loyal followers up to speed on life and why I haven’t been updating as much! I sowwie!

I hope you’re all as blessed as I am and I wish you all the most lovely Easter weekend with your friends and family.



Our 1st Sonogram!

DSC08913 IMAG0507 IMAG0508 IMAG0511 IMAG0535_1



Some Days

Some days we’re off. Some days we’re on.
Some days we’re weak. Some days we’re strong.
Some days we’re happy. Some days we’re sad.
Some days we’re feeling, a little bit mad.
Some days we’re flexible. Some days we’re tight.
Some days we worry, with all of our might.
But always remember, that no matter the day,
You’re always the light, that will brighten my way.


I wrote this because it can be interpreted in many ways. Your light could be your faith, your family, your spouse, your children, your friends or even your yoga practice.

Break Down The Wall


What would you do if someone you loved was sick? I’m not talking about sneezing, coughing, runny nose with a fever kind of sick. I mean really sick.

This post will be a little different than my usual ones. I wanted to share with you something my family has gone through, and what we did to overcome and come through it all.

Just over three years ago, my Mommy went in for a physical. A routine, boring old physical. Her next appointment wasn’t nearly as boring. My Mommy was diagnosed with kidney cancer. They told her that the best option, was to have the infected kidney removed. So just months before my wedding (to my ex, back in 2010) she went in for a surgery that most people won’t ever have to think about.

The surgery went well, from my understanding. To be honest, I think some information regarding it all was hidden from me as I was a bride-to-be planning a wedding, and knowing my parents, they didn’t want to add any more to my plate. I think this because I remember not being concerned at all when she went in for the surgery. I remember thinking that it really wasn’t anything to be worried about, and I thank them for keeping it from me only because had I have known the extent of everything then, I may not have been so calm and collected all of the time.

So a year or so went by, maybe longer, I can’t actually remember. Some time went by though and she went in for her 6 month check up and the thing that we were told couldn’t possibly happen, happened. Doctors found a mass on her remaining kidney and believed it to be the same cancer. This time, I remember being more concerned. More aware. More everything. How could this already rare type of cancer, come back for a second round? Hadn’t she kicked it’s ass enough already?

Our family is a tough one. We fight, we taunt, we laugh and we love. We were all prepared to fight this out again, this time for the championship belt.

With the love, support and faith from family, friends and even strangers, my Mom overcame cancer again. She didn’t have to have her other kidney removed or go on dialysis and just a few months ago, they told her that any sign of the cancer had fled. Take that, cancer. You big stupid.

So again I ask, what would you do if someone you loved got sick? It’s not a bad thing to say that you have no idea, because if you were to ask me the same question years ago, I may not have been so quick to answer. Even now, the question for me is difficult to answer because every situation is different. There are others in my life who could potentially become sick. Some, who I love very deeply. All I know for sure is that if something like this or similar to this happens again to someone I love, I’ll never give up and I’ll always be there for them. Always.

Sickness in a loved one is like a brick wall. It starts off small, something you don’t really think too much about. But then the bricks of sickness begin to tower over you, to where eventually you just can’t see each other anymore.

This is why, like me, you should always carry a sledgehammer.



(Love You. Miss You.)


Missing You

This past weekend was a lovely one. Mike and I drove to Calgary to visit with my family and spend some time in Banff. We had such a lovely time.

I decided I needed some extra family time, so I’m staying in Calgary for the next few days or maybe longer, we shall see. Mike left last night and made it safely back to Edmonton. I remember when we used to have a long distance relationship when we first started going out, and the hardest part was always those last few minutes before one of us left the other to go home. It kinda felt like that all over again last night.

But, it’s been lovely seeing my family and Mike will be back soon to get me and take me back. It’s just hard being away from him, is all. I’m sure most of you know the feeling. This whole “missing you” emotion really is a hard one. I sure do love that boy 🙂

On another note, it’s absolutely gorgeous here in Calgary! I’ve already went for a long run, took my puppy Vienna out for a long walk and enjoyed my smoothie and Beauty Detox Foods book on the patio! And it’s not even 10am yet! I really forgot how much I loved this area of the city too, so calm and pretty. Right beside a huge natural park. My parents are lucky ducks to live here 🙂

I’ve attached some of the photos from our little day trip to Banff. It was Mikes first time there too! I’m happy I was able to be his lovely tour guide.



Yea, we're pretty adorable.

Yea, we’re pretty adorable.


Beautiful Mountains!

Beautiful Mountains!

DSC07905 DSC07907



DSC07910 DSC07911 DSC07912

Banff, AB.

Banff, AB.


Back In Timeline

Tonight I was on Facebook & accidentally hit the timeline button, wasn’t paying attention & scrolled down to a section of my wall that I never wanted to see again. Of all the places I could have came across, I mistakenly stumble upon the March/2012 portion of my life. However, after reading through everything again, I am so glad I did. I never really realized how incredibly strong I was through the whole thing, how amazing Mike was to me and how all of my family and friends were there to support us. I knew everyone was amazing, but I guess in a way I forgot until tonight. Every status I made, was so up beat and glass half full-ish, it’s just so nice to see that in the roughest of times, I can still be my happy self. One of my statuses, which made me giggle tonight was:
“Was t-boned by a semi on St.Albert Trail yesterday. T-BONED. See, now this is why I’mma vegetarian.”
One thing that really caught my eye, which I never forgot but I guess put in the back of my head, was a letter Mikes Dad wrote to our local news paper. You see, when we first had the accident, the next day they ran a story about it and the headline was “Near Miss”. This angered alot of people, rightfully so. I wanted to share what he wrote, as it’s so powerful. Reading it again tonight, it brought me to tears and made me think about how very lucky I am to have such amazing people in my life.
It was hard & emotional to go through March/2012 again, but I’m glad I did.
You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.
Peace & Love,
RE: April Bartlett’s photo and caption “Near Miss”.
St.Albert Gazette, March 24/2012, page 7
Perhaps the St.Albert Gazette has been in the news game too long? Perhaps the years in the trenches has rendered our local paper numb? Maybe a leave of absence or stress leave should be prescribed? I know there must be a reason why a semi truck and trailer can speed through a red light, at a busy St.Albert intersection, plough into my son and future daughter in-law, ram them into a pole, cross into oncoming traffic, all the while dumping tonnes of cargo amongst indecent bystanders, be a “Near Miss”. My son owned a big boat of a car and I thank my lucky stars for that, anything much smaller and the “Near Miss” like the one they took would have ended in body bags and a call asking me to identify the bodies. This “Near Miss” cracked or broke multiple ribs, broke a pelvis, punctured a lung, broke a car doors window by ramming a beautiful and intelligent young girls head through it, damaged my sons spine, caused Doctors to have to remove glass from the inside of someone’s body and sew them up, bruised internal organs and who knows what else. I read the “Near Miss” bit while my son Michael was at the side of Becky’s hospital bed a week after the collision, so if I sound angry, it’s because I am. It’s as if the bit was written to make us feel sorry for a professional driver that was too lazy to secure and check his load and then scream through a red light.
Maybe the Gazette had no way of knowing? Nope. The RCMP are sifting through 20-30 eyewitness reports, plus I phoned my Gazette ad rep and told her, I’m sure she has my number. My anger will subside in a relatively short time. These young adults will feel this pain, I fear, forever.

Brad Ward

Home Again, Home Again

To those of you lovely people who read my little bloggy blog on a regular basis, you know that I’ve been away in Calgary visiting family for the last little while. Almost two weeks actually! I had a wonderful time being back there and not just because I got totally spoiled by my parents. That’s right, I’m the favorite. (Deny it ALL you want Momsie and Dadsie, we all know it’s true. Wink.) It was sad to say goodbye to not only them, but to my kitty and puppy as well. They are my babies and I’mma miss them tons. I know I’ll be back soon though, Christmas is just around the corner after all! Also, YAY CHRISTMAS!

My trip wasn’t just about seeing family and cuddling pets though. I made it into a bit of a detox trip. I feel like I’ve detoxed my body, mind and spirit. I also treated myself and got my hair did, so now it’s even more red! That had nothing to do with anything, I just wanted to share because it looks so darn lovely.

This mini getaway was much needed for me in alot of ways, but I’m very happy to be going home today. I’ve missed my someone special so much and I can’t wait to see him in a few hours. Plus, I’ve been told he completely cleaned and de-cluttered our place! I’m usually the one to do things like that. I believe the world works much better when it’s organized and tidy. So I’m looking forward to that as well. Because I’m awesome like that.

See you soon Edmonton!

Peace, love & sarcasm,


It’s ok to be grey.

Everyone has a sad day at one time or another. It’s life. It sucks, but it’s life. If we didn’t have sad times, we wouldn’t really be able to appreciate the happy times. We tend to often mask our true emotions from those we love most, but there really is no need for that.

We all go through hard times differently but what gets us through those hard times are the love and support of the people around us. I’m very blessed to have an amazing support system around me. I have my family, who’s always been there for me and I know always will. I have my friends, who most of which I’ve known since elementary school and I wouldn’t trade their crazy asses for anything. And I have my boyfriend, who I cherish and love so much. These are the people who I turn to, the people I lean on and the people I admire and adore. And I can only hope they all feel the same way about me.

Whether it be an emotional, physical or financial struggle you may be going through, just know that you’re not alone. Realize who you have to turn to, and lean on them for support. It can be your family, your friends, God. Or all of the above.

This post is a little more heavy compared to alot of my other ones, but I guess I’m just having one of those days. One of those, mind going a million miles a minute, can’t focus, hard kinda days. But I know it won’t last long, because tomorrow is another day.

It’s like this posts font, it has a real message but it’s masked at first glance by all the pretty colors. Don’t be ashamed to let your emotions out. And remember that sometimes, it’s ok to be grey.

Peace, love & sarcasm,


Happiest Birthday To My Momsie!

We all know it’s true.

Today is my Momsie’s birthday!

She’s quite the lovely lady. I know we all say that we have the best Mom evah, but I’m pretty sure mine is best. She’s tops. The bees knees. The cats pj’s. The… ok, I ran out of things, but she’s all of ’em!

She’s someone who would do anything for you. Always thinks of herself first and like all good Mommy’s do, worries worries worries! Well, have no fear Mommy. You raised us to be pretty awesome people. (If I do say so myself…) We’re witty, cute, smart, and sarcastic! What could be better than that? And I’M the most bestest one of all, so good job on that. *wink*

My Mom even makes HER own birthday cake, because she feels bad asking others to do it for her! Last year she did it and I had mentioned it to my boyfriend and his brother and they thought that was just tops of her. So this year, sure enough, she made her own cake again. A pretty pink one! (Of course it was pink. I am truly my Mother’s daughter.) It’s the little things like that which make her special. And why my Momsie is better than yours. Na-Na!

Ok, time for an embarrassing/funny moment about her! Muahaha… A long time ago, when she was first learning how to “internet”, I taught her how to check her email. Well, one day she decided to check it and typed in “” by mistake. (Mhmm, mistake. Because it’s her birf-day, I’ll believe that for today.) The comedy pretty much writes itself from there. It’s something we don’t let her live down, nor should we! But now she’s an expert and let me tell you, if you’re in need of a good “dog laughing in the mirror at himself” video, well she’ll know just which one is best. And I like that.

She taught me faith, she showed me love and she she told me to never stop being strong. She’s the strongest lady I know, and I love her to bits. Also, she helped me appreciate a good cup of tea! Which is a rare and wonderful trait to have these days.

I love her lots and I wish her the happiest darn birthday ever!


Peace, love & sarcasm,


Ps. (Psst. Mom! Did you see that I made this post PINK?! 🙂 Only da best for you!)