Gasp! We’re Engaged! And going to Paris! And having a baby!

The title says it all! Mike and I recently got engaged, this past April 5 🙂 He proposed with THE most perfect and beautiful ring of my life.

As some of you know already, we’re expecting our first baby this coming September and couldn’t be happier. Now, we’ve decided to pack up for Paris next month! We’ve never been and we are beyond excited.

My pregnancy is going well, I’m almost 18 weeks and STILL have yet to gain much weight or even much of a belly. But I’m enjoying it all very much.

Just wanted to keep my loyal followers up to speed on life and why I haven’t been updating as much! I sowwie!

I hope you’re all as blessed as I am and I wish you all the most lovely Easter weekend with your friends and family.



Our 1st Sonogram!

DSC08913 IMAG0507 IMAG0508 IMAG0511 IMAG0535_1



Yoga Teacher Training! Ahh!

Well, I’m finally doing it! The day is almost here. My yoga teacher training intensive begins tomorrow & I couldn’t be more excited/nervous! My body pains have been acting up the last few days, so I’m really hoping they calm down for tomorrow morning. It’s going to be an intense month, but I’m up for the challenge. I think I’m going to make a blog, specifically for my teacher training journey. I’ll post the link on here, for those who are interested.

So many thoughts are swirling around in my head.

What should I wear? What if I can’t keep up? How do I do a proper headstand without looking like a stupid face? Ahh! Hopefully, all of these questions will be answered soon.

Wish me luck!



It’s Momsie’s Day!

True Story

True Story

I wanted to take the time to wish all of you lovely & wonderful Mommy’s out there the hap-hap-HAPPIEST of Mother’s Days today! A special “shout out” (yes, I said shout out…) to my Momsie & Mikes Momsie, who are too of the most darling and sarcastic people out there 😉

They are the rocks that our families throw through the windows of any problem or situation that may come our way. They are always there for us and will forever keep us smiling.

La-La-La LOVE you guys! Thank you for being so dang awesomesauce.



Vegan & Gluten Free? Say Whaaa?

I’m pretty proud of myself. Recently, I decided to go totally vegan & gluten free. I did this mainly for health reasons, as I was finding when I ate gluten or any kind of cheese I was getting incredibly ill. It was borderline ridiculous. Also, it challenges me on a daily basis. I find myself always now checking the ingredients & opting out of ordering in or eating out, when I can. And I’ll be honest, I think it’s helping. It gives me a goal for the whole day. Not that I don’t have bigger goals, but this experience makes it so I have mini goals, every day. And I like that.

I’ve been a vegetarian for the last few years now, and I went totally cold turkey doing that. I can even tell you the day I decided to do it and what I was doing! But that was easy for me, as I never really ate alot of meat products anyways. I’mma good girl, I happen to like my fruits & veggies. (Except peas. Never peas.) But I knew going vegan would hurt. I knew giving up cheese, would be the ultimate test. Cheese is really the only dairy product I ate anyways, and even that was rare. But I found recently that I’ve been getting sick after eating it, so I said to myself, “HEY! SELF! We’re trying out the vegan way, sexy.” And that was that.

As for the gluten, well, again I noticed I kept getting sick. So since stopping the glutenous foods, I’ve already noticed a change in me. So, I think I’m going to stick this out and keep on doing what I’m doing. I’ve changed my whole way of thinking and looking at food. It’s not even food to me anymore, it’s what I’m putting in my body. That’s how I think of it.

Add on my daily yoga & me time, well I’ll soon be taking over the world!

(Or at least just my mind, body & soul… That’s good enough for me though.)

Peace, love & sarcasm,


Happy La-La-La Love Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope you’re all having a fantastic day with your sweethearts. I know I am!

Today is my boyfriends birthday, so it’s hard to make this day a “me” day, I want today to be all about him. I get all of the other days, he can have today 😉

With that being said, I’ve still been totally spoiled. He knows I love cards, so he’s surprised me with all of these adorable cards and he bought me DSC07675the Pandora charm that I wanted. Also, he got me a lovely vase of pink orchids! Oh, that boy spoils me so. He’s also going to take me out for dinner. But not tonight! No. Tonight is his night. I’m going to make his a dinner & maybe a vegan fondue for dessert! (Which, by the by, is a recipe on my other blog, Beautifully Vegan)

My boyfriend is an amazing, amazing man. He does & says all the right things, all the time. I often joke with him that I think he Googles what to say to me sometimes 😉 I love him so much & without him, my heart just seems incomplete. Thank you sweetie, for always being my happy place. Happy Birthday. Happy Valentine’s Day. And I love you. Much.

I hope you all have a lovely day, full of all the best things.

Peace, love & sarcasm,



What It Truly Means To *Be* Healthy

I came across an article the other day by Tara Stiles and for some reason, when I woke up this morning I was reminded of it.

What it truly means to *be* healthy…

What does it mean to be healthy? Is it a number on the scale, blood pressure score, jeans size, a body free of disease, or something else? keep-calm-happy-is-healthy

Health can be a touchy subject. We fight over what it should look like (Dove ad or Victoria’s Secret model). We fight over what size dress is healthy (16, 8, or 2). We bash and judge all who don’t fit into our ideal. We forgot to factor in the most important ingredient. What does it feel like to be healthy? What does that look like?
Living healthy involves a mix of physical, mental, and emotional components that make us who we are. We literally create our bodies from the inside out with what we put in, what we think, and what we do. Regardless of what we think picture-perfect health looks like, there is one thing we all have in common when it comes to health: Everyone wants to feel better. 
Wouldn’t the forest be boring if all the trees looked exactly alike? Why do we get so hung up, then, on how people look and what is healthy and what is not? Sure, we can agree that obesity is unhealthy. We can agree that eating junk and lazing around for days on end isn’t healthy. We can even agree that living with high stress leads to physical, mental, and emotional demise. Why is it, then, that we either want everyone to fit into the Victoria Secret or the Dove category? Why is it one or the other? Why are we so superficial when it comes to the most internal of all topics? 
Our health begins in our insides and doesn’t stop at our skin. Our health (healthy or not) radiates beyond our skin into the world in the form of our actions. How we live not only affects our body, mind and spirit, but also affects the body, mind, and spirit of everyone we encounter, and (soon to be commonly accepted), on an entangled mind level.
When we shift our thoughts, fears, worries, and insecurities about health from the exterior (how we look) to the interior (how we feel) we set ourselves up for the ultimate success in health and happiness. How about this for an approach to health: Eat clean and healthy, manage stress, and get regular physical activity. Seems pretty straightforward, right? 
17fireworksHeartHowever, the meaningful factor is the HOW. We can diet, count calories, and manipulate our experience with food into a frazzled tension inducing act. We can be obsessive about food. We can become crazy strict about eating healthy. We can engage in physical activity with tension and force or we can engage with ease. When we go after how we want to feel, and pay attention to how we feel right now, we’re able to enjoy ourselves in the process of living healthy.


It’s ok to be grey.

Everyone has a sad day at one time or another. It’s life. It sucks, but it’s life. If we didn’t have sad times, we wouldn’t really be able to appreciate the happy times. We tend to often mask our true emotions from those we love most, but there really is no need for that.

We all go through hard times differently but what gets us through those hard times are the love and support of the people around us. I’m very blessed to have an amazing support system around me. I have my family, who’s always been there for me and I know always will. I have my friends, who most of which I’ve known since elementary school and I wouldn’t trade their crazy asses for anything. And I have my boyfriend, who I cherish and love so much. These are the people who I turn to, the people I lean on and the people I admire and adore. And I can only hope they all feel the same way about me.

Whether it be an emotional, physical or financial struggle you may be going through, just know that you’re not alone. Realize who you have to turn to, and lean on them for support. It can be your family, your friends, God. Or all of the above.

This post is a little more heavy compared to alot of my other ones, but I guess I’m just having one of those days. One of those, mind going a million miles a minute, can’t focus, hard kinda days. But I know it won’t last long, because tomorrow is another day.

It’s like this posts font, it has a real message but it’s masked at first glance by all the pretty colors. Don’t be ashamed to let your emotions out. And remember that sometimes, it’s ok to be grey.

Peace, love & sarcasm,