Somebody’s Princess


Me as a tiny little lamb.

I’m a romantical sort. One of those girls that used to marry her Barbies off to her brothers Ninja Turtles and hope that one day, she would find someone as slick as Raphael or as cool as Casey Jones. I had not only lines, but entire scenes from Pretty in Pink and Dirty Dancing memorized. I dreamed of one day, becoming Princess Buttercup from The Princess Bride. I lived and breathed romance. Don’t get me wrong, I adored all things dinosaurs and Batman as well but since I was little, I dreamed of finding my prince.

Well almost two years ago, I found him.

I spend some of my posts talking about Mike and this is going to be another one! Yay for you. If you get sickly at all from reading this mush, don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

I’ve been visiting family most of this month, 4 hours away from Mike. With the exception of a few days over the course of a couple weekends, he and I have been apart the whole time. He’s coming to get me this weekend actually, so that is very exciting. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder, and I think we needed this time apart to truly miss one another. I think it’s important in a relationship to have your alone time, because it makes it all the more special when you’re together.

Not many people can say that their partner would do absolutely anything and everything for them, no matter what. But I know that I can. Today he drew my portrait. To some, it’s not anything special. To me, it meant the world. I’m not sure how he’s going to feel about me posting his work, especially as he claims it’s unfinished, but I wanted to show off my sweethearts talent.




As you can see, he’s pretty dang wonderful.



Another thing he did for me, was tell me a story. You see, the last little while I’ve been running on 3 or 4 hours of sleep every night. I simply, can’t sleep. I think I have the insomnias. Anyways, so back in the day, Mike would make up little stories to make me laugh or help me sleep so tonight I called him and asked him to do that. And he did it, without any hesitation. It was 2am, he was tired, yet he still sat on the phone with me for over 30 minutes, making up THE most ridiculous story about a robot, a chimney salesman and an underwater house. It’s now almost 3:30am and although I am still awake, I am beyond grateful and appreciative that he tried. And he made a lame yet hilarious story just for me, so I am one happy girl.

Mike and I have had many, many ups and very few minor downs, but one thing remains the same. The past two years have been the most amazing ones I’ve ever experienced with another person. We are each others rock. Each others world. Each others happy place. I love him more and more with each passing day, and I really couldn’t imagine someone better suited for me. We’re both kids at heart, cuddle addicts and the most sarcastic couple you will ever have the pleasure (and pain) of knowing. And we love each other with everything that we have.

So when I think back on those times I dreamed of being someones princess, little did I know that I would be his.


I Love You Sweetheart. Much.







So. That Happened.

Since I’ve done a couple of bloggy blogs about the Disney Princesses, I figured it would only be fair to do one about the Princes! I’d like to apologize in advance for what you’re about to see. It may just ruin the whole Disney image for you. Then again, it also may not. Which is kinda weird. But no worries, I still like you.

I give you:

The Boys Men of Disney


I know. I know. I’mma terrible person for posting this.
(I bet I’ll get over it faster than you will though. Muahaha.)

Peace, love & sarcasm,


the disney princess diaries

This looks alot like some of my own family photos.

Imagine life as a freakin’ Disney Princess. *GASP* I know, right? It sounds wonderful! Lovely hair, prettyful dresses, the gift of breaking into song every two and a half minutes! They seem to have it all. I always wondered what their diary entries would look like. What’s that you say? YOU have also, infact, wondered that too! *GASP* Well, lucky you!


Hello again., dearest diary. Today I found the love of my life! He’s perfect, what every girl dreams of. Sure, I have yet to talk or meet him but I think I have a plan. There’s this lady that really wants to help me. She seems rather anxious for me to have her help me. Says she wants my voice.  And if I give her that one little thing, then I get to have even MORE limbs! Ones that dangle from my hips. They sound like so much fun. She said that if I do this, then I’ll get to go on land, meet my love, and live happily ever after.

Sounds legit.

I can’t wait to be apart of his world. What’s the worst that could happen?

(Not to self: Remember to look up the word “Hoarder”. Not sure why the girls keep using it around me.)


Ugh. Another day in this huge castle, listening to  this huge hairy guy go on and on about how awesome his library is. Who even gives a care? It was nice and all, but I can’t go anywhere without him breathing (heavily, I may add) down my neck. I keep telling myself, just a little while longer until this ridiculous curse is over & I can leave. He better let me leave eventually. It’ll be so awkward if I have to put him in his place in front of the candle stick. And WOW. The objects in this place need to be a little more considerate at night. They are always throwing dinner parties and breaking into song! It’s become quite absurd. Oh great, time for another meal with the beast. It’s always fun to watch someone eat soup like a rabid dog. /sigh.


Well, it’s been three months since the wedding to the street rat… I mean, Aladdin. (Wow, I have GOT to stop doing that.) Things seem to be going well, for the most part. I just wish he would stop complaining about Genie! “Why wouldn’t he let me wish for more wishes? WHY? I know he could have. He just wouldn’t!” That’s all I ever hear. And what happened to all of those romantic carpet rides I was promised before he put a ring on it? He took me like twice and that was it. And now I have to go and pretend to enjoy the puppet show him and that monkey have been rehearsing all day. Hmm, I wonder how Jafar is doing…

Snow White

Oh journal, I’ve had SUCH a glorious day! Oh me, oh my. The birds are singing, the sun is shining, and I know my special someone is out there just waiting for me somewhere. Oh, life is good. And the little men have allowed me to re-do their laundry today. Apparently I didn’t do it proper the first time around. No worries though, it’s what I do! The one with the bad temper told me I may need cooking lessons. Hmm, maybe he should try cooking for 7 picky and annoying little eaters and see how HE does. Ok, time for my meditation and daily rye & coke. In with the positive, out with the negative!


Oh my gosh! I like can’t believe I lost my flippin’ shoe! So, I go to the ball tonight. (Thank you fairy godmother! I owe you one, big time. You’re like the most amazing lady evah.) So I’m at the ball, totally dancing the night away with all the cute guys, when I must have lost track of time and BAM! It’s already almost midnight! And then, being the total clutz that I am, I go running down the stairs and TOTALLY lose my shoe! Ah, how embarrassing. I’ll never live this down. The fam is going to have a flippin’ field day with this when they find out. I just hope I get invited back to the palace, it was like so totally badass and awesome.


So, yeaaa. I just woke up to some guy making out with me. Awkward!

I wish I were in this group shot.

(Before you’re all, “was she just making fun of them?”… Yes. Yes I was. But in a most loving way. I heart these ladies (well, girls) very much. Ariel is my hero. So I say this all with a light heart.)

Peace, love & sarcasm,